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I understand that results vary from person to person and weight loss isn't 100% guaranteed, due to the multitude of different factors aside from diet that can affect metabolism.

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    • Is this a one time payment?
      Yes, you will only be charged once - unless you are paying the split pay option.
    • Can I begin whenever I like?
      Yes! You have access to this program for life and can begin whenever you like. You do need to begin on a Monday though, as that's when the emails to follow you in live time will always be sent out. You can also repeat this plan as many times as you like! Simply email with your start date - and we set you up with the emails as many times as you like.
    • Can you swap meals around? I'm so bad at following rigid plans!
      Yes! There is a section in the portal to instruct you how to do this easily. I have also constructed each recipe to make sure that they all have a very similar amount of calories and macros, so that you can swap meals around and still stay on track.

      So, if you want to swap around dinners, you can feel comfortable doing so!
    • How many calories are in it?

      The calories sit at roughly 1450 per day. I set it at 1450 as this is the AVERAGE amount that works for most of the women I have worked with for a a safe amount of weight loss.

      However, you are provided with lots of guidance BEFORE you begin to help you calculate your own calorie needs, depending if you’re after weight loss or weight maintenance.

      Then, you are given easy instructions on how to subtract or add food to your day to alter the calorie level.

      It’s never been more simple to add or remove food, I suggest removing or adding snacks which are in the Low Carb Snack Ideas Guide and are calorie controlled, which makes it extremely easy for you to add or remove snacks to fit your needs!
    • How time consuming is it?
      I honestly believe that it will SAVE you time. No thinking about recipes, what to cook, counting calories, meal planning or writing shopping lists. It’s done for you.

      All of the breakfasts are super easy and take about 2-5 minutes to make. Women sometimes even make them the night prior. Most through the week are transportable too, meaning that you can bring them to work and eat them later in the morning if you like.

      Then, lots of the lunches are leftovers from dinner the night before, or they’re an easy salad which you could make the night before or in the morning fairly fast.

      All of the dinners are very easy and range from taking 15-30 minutes each.
    • I always have events and birthdays that pop up, will it be OK?
      OF COURSE! I am so passionate about this - I leave 2 blank spaces for these times over the weekend ( I call them "freedom meals") and educate you about how to make the best choices.

      I do encourage you to enjoy yourself though as I believe in an 80/20 approach and people can also swap the “freedom meals” around to whenever suits them. The way you lose weight should be the way you keep it off, so I try to make my plans reflective of normal life

    Access to the 3 Week Body Reset online learning portal with educational tutorials 

    3 Week Body Reset PDF eBook (including the 3 meal plans, shopping lists, 40 recipes, food glossary, macronutrient breakdown) 

    Regular support emails to follow and support you in live time

    Bonus Low Carb Snack Ideas Guide, Dining Out Guide, Build Your Own Salad Guide and Adapt to Your Family Guide (value $39.99)

    Eat Cake Lose Weight recipe eBook PDF filled with 12 sweet recipes
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    • 1x3 Week Body Reset + Eat Cake Lose Weight eBook$0

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    Receive all your money back if you're unsatisfied with your results within 60 days. T&C's apply.

    Kylie Scudds

    I have lost 3 kilos!

    At age 45, I was finding it difficult to lose weight having tried numerous programs. I have now joined the Tribe to continue and have lost a further 2 kilos. I'm enjoying the variety of food - it's easy and very filling. I have less bloating and more energy. I’m loving this way of eating!

    Sarah Arnold

    "I lost around 3.5 kg and feel so full of energy!

    My skin improved considerably and I can tell my gut’s getting stronger each day"