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I understand that this membership doesn't include regular communication with Bec via DMs and emails. She will answer questions in the fortnightly Q&A calls and in the facebook group as often as she can. If you would like extra, personalised help on top of this, please book in for a consultation service.

I understand that this membership includes monthly meal plans, not weekly. Please read the FAQs to understand why.

If you join for 6 months, you will be billed again in 6 months time. You will receive an email reminding you and prompting you to cancel if desired. If you don't action this, no refunds will apply after the rebill is made.

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Kate Robinson

Happy Triber

“I have lost 10 kgs by keeping up with this lifestyle!

My dream has become a reality, when I never thought it was possible!”

Kate Lyons

Happy Triber

"I've now lost 12.5 kgs!

Having access to the Tribe is like having a little wellness guru in your pocket!”

Just to recap, you get...

  • 2 monthly, 7 day meal plans (original & pescetarian) with shopping lists, recipes, macros and notes to help adapt it to YOU.
  • Weekly recipes with precise macros, formulated to easily be subbed in to your meal plans
  • Access to the private & refined Facebook community where you can stay accountable, have your questions answered and remain inspired!
  • Fortnightly live Q&A / coaching calls with me to ensure your questions are answered with professional advice (product reviews are popular!)
  • A supplements section to take the guesswork out of choosing the right supplements to support your new lifestyle
  • An extensive food and product glossary all approved by me - bye label reading!!
  • A huge library of other modules and resources to help you learn about and live the 80/20 Health with Bec life (including calorie counting guidance, eating blueprints and lists, far more freedom meal guidance, easy lunch ideas, help around your period and more!)

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  • 1xThe Health with Bec Tribe$0

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  • Why isn't it weekly meal plans?
    Overwhelming you with weekly plans with brand new recipes for every single meal each week wouldn't lead to success. Most women are happy repeating it a few times fairly closely but subbing out a couple of recipes to create variety using ones from the 3 Week Body Reset, my website or other eBooks of mine! You should have a good collection by now! Or, once you're in the Tribe for a while, you can repeat a past 7 day meal plan!

    Also, the intricate nature of them and the lengthy process it takes to create them behind the scenes is only possible for us to do once a month!

    For the women that choose to repeat fairly closely too, it helps them stick to this lifestyle as it actually gets easier and easier each week and you can re-use any leftover ingredients - so there's less food wastage.
  • Can I cancel whenever I like?
    Absolutely, there are no lock in contracts! When you cancel, you will have access to all contents inside the program until your next billing date.

    If you join with the 6 month option, you will get 2 reminder emails a week prior letting you know that your subscription will renew and prompting you to cancel if you no longer want to stay. If you want to cancel your 6 month membership sooner than 6 months, you will still have access to everything until your anticipated billing date (6 months from purchase).
  • What if I can't make the Q&A calls?
    They are always recorded and saved inside the portal for you to watch with ease. You are prompted to ask your questions for me to answer ahead of time!
  • Is there a pescatarian version of the plans?
    There sure is!! Each month you will be able to download both the original AND pescetarian version of the monthly meal plans!
  • What is the payment / cancellation process around joining for 6 months?
    You will be charged right away and then, you won't be charged again for 6 months from your first charge. We will send you a reminder email 5 days prior to your automatic re-bill that is coming to remind you that a payment will be deducted (which will be the same amount as your original payment).You can cancel easily beforehand or switch to a monthly membership if you don't wish to stay on. Please note though: when you cancel, no refunds will be given for unused time. You just keep full access to everything until your scheduled / anticipated billing date.
  • What recipes are included in the Simply Summer ebook?
    Green Greek Chicken & Mayo Salad
    Cajun Chicken Salad
    Thai Chicken Salad
    Lamb Kofta with Greek Salad
    Keto Taco Bowls
    Italian Ham, Peach & Burrata Salad
    Salmon & Avocado Salad
    Prawn & Avocado Salad
    Fresh chopped Salad with tasty Tofu and Tahini Dressing
    Broccoli & Bacon Salad
    Zucchini & Hazelnut Salad
    Orange, Fennel & Rocket Salad
    Grilled Lettuce with Creamy Feta Dressing
  • Are the recipes in Simply Summer egg & dairy free?
    About half of the recipes either use mayonnaise or yoghurt in their salad dressings but these can easily be swapped to coconut yoghurt or a vegan mayonnaise. The 3 recipes that have cheese in them again, these can easily be replaced with vegan alternatives and be just as delicious.
  • Are these recipes suitable for pescetarians?
    Whilst half of the book does include an animal protein, I have also included a protein conversion chart so you can easily make the adjustments to fish or tofu and the recipes would be just as amazing.

    The second part of the book is also just salads so you can easily use the chart to add in your favourite protein of choice.