Special Vegetarian Offer!
A 2 week meal plan and BONUS 15 extra recipes

Because my signature plan, the 3 Week Body Reset, doesn't suit vegetarians or vegans, I had to pull this together for those of you who are and reach out to me!

This meal plan is special because it is SO hard to follow a lower carb way of life and meet your protein needs when you're eating vegetarian or vegan. But, I have made it possible for you here. I have done the hard work for you.

Whilst the meal plan itself isn't (yet) designed as a spick and span eBook by my designer, it is still absolutely worth selling to you because, after all, you are paying for results - not a pretty book.

When I get enough demand for it to be made into an eBook, I will get it designed into an eBook and will send it to you for free.

The meal plans contain:

2 weeks of meal plans  (developed very carefully by merging many other past clients meal plans who have been vegetarians that have received incredible results)

Extensive comments and notes to help you adapt it to YOU

Simplified and clear shopping lists for both weeks

All recipes

Calorie and macronutrient breakdown for each day

A personalised plan with me starts at $399 AUD for 1 week. 

So, this is a great place to start as I have made this plan after working with many other vegetarians who have received really incredible results. I have merged together all of the themes that have worked best to bring this to you with confidence.  

This is just two of the happy women below!

On top of this, you get a bonus, extra 15 extra recipes (different ones to the meal plan)! This means, you end up with a fair few...

You can use these recipes in place of other ones in the plan to create extra variety!

What exactly are the 15 
extra recipes?
  • Easy peasy vegan fettuccini
  • Foolproof low carb pizza
  • Keto bread loaf
  • Pumpkin and coconut soup
  • Warming Thai veggie soup
  • Savoury spinach and chive muffins
  • Low carb raspberry protein muffins
  • Mediterranean cauliflower steak salad
  • 15 minute red curry stir-fry
  • 10 minute garlic and leek pasta
  • Baked vanilla and strawberry cheesecake
  • Keto pad thai
  • Low carb pumpkin loaf
  • Raw fresh and zingy pad Thai
  • Low carb French toast

So, are you ready to start slimming down without the hunger?
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